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True to the motto “The creative transformation company”, WPP has found a new home on the MIZAL campus, which impresses with its technical and design qualities. The hybrid solution consisting of a conventional underground car park and a fully automated parking system at MIZAL is unparalleled in Germany when it comes to environmentally friendly, space-saving parking and garage systems. The Closed Cavity Facade, or CCF for short, with its excellent physical features and high standard functionality, sustainability and design is also unique in Germany. Nevertheless, MIZAL is even more imposing given its flexible design options. The largest possible fire protection compartments provide users a platform of up to 3,200 sqm without the need for any fire sectioning. This ensures high levels of flexibility, adaptability and accessibility, a vital requirement for optimal communication, the best working conditions and increasing productivity. Subdivision of buildings and their individual rooms can be handled individually and tailored to the needs of the users on each floor. Furthermore, different building depths allow an efficient implementation of a broad range of workplace concepts. To ensure a high quality of personal experience and to provide additional usage, CODIC also implements accessible and intensively greened roof landscapes. In addition, the biotope-like design of the outdoor facilities on the ground floor provides a “green lung” for the creative location that is the Medienhafen. In the near future, an inviting boulevard will also open up the Medienhafen as the new “Völklinger Straße” stop for public transport. Completion is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021.

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5YN3RGY adapts, improves, and encourages the understanding of collaboration in and around physical space. It is both a philosophy and a stage that offers the company, the individual and the community a perfect platform for creative and productive processes. And all of this developed and designed for people. With 5YN3RGY we are building the future together –for the first time in Düsseldorf at the Medienhafen.