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The project

In the old government quarter between Oscar-Romero-Allee and Baunscheidtstraße, CODIC created „BONNJOUR“ , a true vision of individualistic office worlds featuring highest building standards and cutting-edge facilities, as well as very attractive open spaces. This opened in 2018.

„BONNJOUR“is conceptionally intended for office users comfortable with the idea of an economic, long-term, flexible, sustainably-designed workplace and who can identify with the individualized possibilities on offer, with which they can represent themselves. Only a short walk from the underground stop, Deutsche Telekom/ Ollenhauerstraße“ or from the upcoming local rail stop „Kunstmuseum“, CODIC has already rented most of the office space in „BONNJOUR“ out. The building sits on an underground parking level offering 91 parking spots and consists of 4 storeys each with a ground space of around 2.000 m² and an attractive terraced penthouse level of around 1.800 m², making altogether 9.800 m² of rental space.

The attractive design of the outer areas has been extremely crucial from the very beginning for CODIC. With „BONNJOUR“, as usual, the focus for us has been to blend uniquely the architecture with the plants chosen. When the property harmonises perfectly as part of the local environment, then we think of a job well done. During the construction phase, the Organization For International Cooperation, GIZ (Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) and also the Chancellery Flick Gocke Schaumburg felt themselves drawn as to a magnet, so „BONNJOUR“ is already a multi-tenant building in best society.

One of CODIC‘s main strengths is to anticipate developments in the future and then, when the time is right, to place a flexible and sustainable design on the market

Project details




Office space


BIMA, Robert Half, LeanIX GmbH, Talend

Total area:

9.800 m²

Investment volume:

approx. € 35m


DDJ Döring Dahmen Joeressen, Düsseldorf


HTW, Düsseldorf

Lighting planning:

3L, Licht Lux Lumen

Outdoor zones:

KLA Kipar Landscape architects


Goldbeck West Ltd


Bonnjour Project Development Ltd

DGNB Certificate:



HanseMerkur Health Insurance AG